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Racer X / Rex Racer

The mysterious driver, Racer X is feared and revered on the racing circuit. Whenever he's in a race there drivers feel crashes are inevitable. His mystery is augmented by the mask he wears to hide his real identity.

Unknown to Speed and his family, Racer X is really his older brother, Rex Racer. Years ago Rex was racing in a car that Pops built and demolished it. When Pops told Rex he wasn't good enough to race he ran away from home. On his travels he met someone willing to teach him to race, and eventually Rex the skills to become a professional race car driver. He drives the yellow #9 car, the Shooting Star. In addition to becoming an accomplished racer, Racer X is also a secret agent for the International Police, and he uses racing as a cover while investigating illegal activity.

In the live action Speed Racer (2008) movie Racer X will be played by Matthew Fox.







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