Guilds of Westron

Merchant Guild Size Align Based Trade Merchandise
gggg.jpg (14639 bytes) Glorious Golden Guilder Guild Large LN in Kern but many branches general goods & currency exchange
golden_grain_guild.jpg (17760 bytes) Golden Grain, House of the Medium (L)N out of Kern food items especially wheat

hannon_guild.jpg (14399 bytes)

Hannon, House of  Very Large LG near Dray but many branches general goods

harkonan_guild.jpg (16576 bytes)

Harkonan, House Very Large LE out of Rune general goods, illegal goods
merc.jpg (20595 bytes) Merc, House of  Medium LG out of The Town of Cassandra general merchandise
shaelrick_guild.jpg (22972 bytes) Shaelrick Guild Very Large N out of Shaelrick Keep general goods
tamerlane_guild.jpg (14934 bytes) Tamerlane Guild Very Large NG out of Serpentine lumber, metal oar, cloth
tristar_guild.jpg (15842 bytes) Tri-Star Guild Large LN(G) in Tyr Amar magic items, high Value goods


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