Westron, a Brief History

The history of Westron starts with it’s largest city, The City State of Dray. For as long as people have inhabited the World of Westron, there has been a settlement on the northeastern shore of Lake Westine. Dray, an ancient city ruled by a hereditary despot, has endured throughout the centuries for many reasons. Chief among these are; its location along the natural trade routes that connect east and west, the fertile plains just to the east combined with the temperate climate which yield bountiful crops year after year, the mountains to the north that are rich in oars and precious metals, and lastly, but most importantly, the presence of Lake Westine which serves as the vital source of fresh water as well as supporting waterborne trade and the local fishing industry. 

Dray’s greatest claim to fame is not its natural resources, but its people, especially the large number of renowned heroes that have resided in and around the city. Some of the more famous include: Merlin the Serious One (one of the greatest wizards of early Westron, assassinated in the year 426), Buzzard Bait (or the “Bird Wizard” – known to travel into the future and return to Westron with strange technology), Bold the Third (high priest of an ancient Norse god), Lord Nial (who wielded two broadswords and was one of the deadliest warriors of early Westron), Grabit (master thief and purveyor of chaos), and many others.

Although the lands of Kern, Rune, and Rohan have been settled for many years, it was not until adventurers started exploring the “New World” that the lands beyond Westron’s western shore came to be settled. It was in the year 428 that Lord Gamwich, a swordsman and champion of good, married Tiara, the Bengoli Princess (and Psionic Protector of the Bengoli tribal people) and established the City of Serpentine. Now ruled by their son King Rozellon, Serpentine has prospered as the jungles to the south are rich in gold, gems, furs, and exotic plants and animals beyond imagination. 

After the trade routes to and from Serpentine became well established, further settlement to the west followed. By the year 436 Lady Cassandra and Lord Domo had established the House of Cassandra, around which grew a small town and then a city, rich in trade and knowledge. The city would be unremarkable except that many of the greatest heroes in Westron’s recent history have hailed from the Town of Cassandra. Although other areas had been inhabited for much longer (e.g. Tyr Amar and Grong Island) being home to so many of the world’s greatest champions, the Town of Cassandra has definitely shifted the power in the World of Westron from east to west. 

Among the great heroes that call the Town of Cassandra home are: Kazama (reclusive and stern elf-like wizard who surrounds himself with strange animals), Lord Domo & Lady Cassandra (co-founders of the Town of Cassandra), Einsteinberg (a winged human who experiments with technology), Spur (fighter of dubious reputation who possesses the extraordinary ability to commit simultaneous heroic deeds in widely separated areas of the world) and many, many others.

Prior to the founding of Serpentine and the Town of Cassandra, Dray had always been the center of trade, culture, and power in the world of Westron. Even after the rise of the Town of Cassandra, Dray’s power has only been threatened once. In the year 468 a dispute over trade route tariffs prompted the rulers of Minrath to mount an all out attack upon Dray and her allies. A campaign of over two years climaxed at the Battle of Eastshore Plains where cavalry allied with the City State of Dray routed the main infantry force of the Minrath Republic.

In the year 470 the Dragon Wars plagued all of Westron, leaving no city untouched by the resulting chaos and suffering. In 472, soon after the Dragon Wars, the Shadowlands appeared off the southwestern coast of Kern. This phenomenon introduced new organizations and powerbases to the World of Westron as whole cities and cultures were transformed in their entirety.

One of the areas gaining power was that of New Iberia. Many famed adventurers passed through this city state on their way to the giant lands to the north. Some of the more famed included, JetLi the thrown down my shirt monk, Kazoo (just follow me!), Hawk the Druid, Sarak the necromancer, the ultra powerful MC, Intel the Psionicist, Laris, Nimitz, Grendel, Marconis the Sea Ranger, and many others. By their efforts, the shadow of evil was pushed further north as terrible Ogre Demons, Salamander Kings, and cunning Indian Tiger Demons all fall to their swords and spells.

This brings us up to present times and doubtless this story is far from concluding! Farewell wherever you fare and may your journey’s end bring you fame, fortune, and happiness!


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