Introduction to the World of Westron

The World of Westron is an Dungeons and Dragons Campaign that uses the 4th Edition rules published by Wizards of the Coast. The campaign, using the Chainmail ® and Original Dungeons and Dragons rules published by TSR, was originally started in 1976 by Stuart Teramoto and has been running continuously ever since. The campaign was founded with about a dozen players with Stuart serving as the DM. Upon converting to 3rd Edition around the beginning of 2001, the campaign had about 10 players. Upon converting to 4.0 in 2007, the campaign still has about 10 players, including three of the original twelve. Stuart still serves as the primary DM, however many of the current players “guest DM”. Ross Chow has arisen as “DM Pro-Tem” adjudicating on all matters concerning Stuart’s player characters in addition to serving as the group’s Webmaster. Ross has been with the campaign since 1986.

All of the players live in the greater Seattle, Washington U.S.A. metro area and upon converting to 4.0, all of the players are male with most being between 25 and 45 years of age. Over the years, there have been a number of female players in the World of Westron with one in particular (Cheri) gaining significant notoriety. Games are conducted about once a month (less in Summer, more in Winter) with 4 to 6 players per session. Sessions are almost always on the weekend and start (promptly?) at 10:00 AM and run six to eight hours in length. The group has recently recruited new blood and would consider additional new players under the right circumstances in the future, but is currently not accepting new players.

The campaign is set in a medieval fantasy world and is generally a “high powered” campaign as the vast majority of the players have played fantasy roll playing games for 20 or more years. The campaign has a European flavor with a touch of Asian heritage, given the ethnicity of the primary participants. The campaign is also pre-gun powder and there is no “advanced technology” (laser guns, radios, etc.) at this time. Adventures on planes other than the prime material are uncommon but occur with increased frequency as characters approach 20th level.

You are welcome to explore and the World of Westron.


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